galaxy.jpgBEBIDA_00237.jpgGalaxy hot chocolate is a smooth, creamy and indulgent choice for adults, containing real Galaxy milk chocolate - a little bit of luxury in every cup.

Research shows that consumers are prepared to pay a premium for recognised confectionery brand names. Galaxy hot chocolate can play a key supporting role in perfecting your hot beverage offer. In fact, evidence suggests that offering a strong, contemporary hot chocolate develops not just the sales of chocolate but tea and coffee as well!

Fully branded stand alone dispense machines are available from Bebida or Galaxy hot chocolate can be set up in multi product table top dispense or vending machines. 22g and 28g portion sticks are also available for cups and mugs, and 25 cup sleeves for in-cup dispense systems.

For the ultimate chocolate drink, Galaxy Hot Chocolate Bliss is a luxury "add milk" formulation which is supplied in 2kg tins. Providing the perfect solution for sophisticated front of house service, it is ideal for use with manual espresso machines and milk frothing equipment. Deeply satisfying, Galaxy Bliss contains double the chocolate as standard Galaxy hot chocolate. Rich, real chocolatey flavour with the prestigious Galaxy name maximises impulse purchase potential.